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Professional coordinator

It is a service that rents and uses a natural spray system
without purchasing it separately,

and Hubmate's Cent Coordinator visits and manages the free
rental and maintenance of the sprayer every month. 

Currently, we are receiving rental services
from more than 12,000 places, centering on

"Office, Financial Services, Government Offices, Hotels,
Theater, School, Hospitals, and Shopping Center.

" Through Cent Coordinator, we make the desired
space fragrant by 
selecting the scent suitable for the season and
installing it perfectly in the industry and place. 

Air-mate Series

Herb mate's technology sterilizes harmful
substances in the air with a

compressed automatic injection system and
at the same time maintains the scent of space.

Air-mate 220
Automatic spray sterilizing device.

Small but strong and sturdy Air-mate 220.

A pebble-like device naturally blends into any space.

I recommend installation at home, office, and store.

Space20 ~ 30pySize155 x 130 x 60 mm
Air-mate 330
Automatic spray sterilizing device.

Small and medium-sized offices, conference rooms, public toilets, commercial stores (clothes, cosmetics, golf supplies, etc.) We recommend installing it in a place where there is a meeting or in a store where customers visit.Your space can be remembered positively because of its good scent.

Space50 ~ 100pySize180 x 230 x 65 mm
Air-mate 770
Automatic spray sterilizing device.

Air-mate 770 is the largest device in the series and is designed to effectively manage large spaces. It fills large spaces such as hotels, lobbies, lecture rooms, large offices, and large stores with scents without any gaps.

Space100 ~ 200py Size290 x 260 x 100 mm
Natural scent sprayer
Natural scent sprayer 

Smart diffuser that automatically sprays fragrance. With its compact size and design that can be attached to the wall, it blends naturally in any space. Meet 65 types of scents based on natural essential oil at Herb Mate.

High-end diffuser
Gold label

The high-capacity Gold Label series of elegant herb mates. Meet the excellent persistence and luxurious scent with the "Parfum Extra" grade, which has a 30 percent flavoring rate.

Monstera Black

It is a Monstera Black series made of eco-friendly ingredients and designs that remind you of high-quality perfumes. Experience the perfect interior with a luxurious scent.

Living Perfume Black&Pink Label

The most classic and simple design of the diffuser,

Black & Pink Label Series.Living your experience in the Perfume,

which naturally fit in anywhere.

White Label

We put a luxurious scent in the diffuser.

Experience the natural essential oil base from Porovance,

France, with its natural fragrance.

Premium aroma

A French home fragrance vintage style design and

a variety of scents to enjoy. Check out the premium aroma series at Herb Mate.

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