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JAN-MAY. 2020

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Hyundai Group, Korea's leading global company, has placed a "Lemon Eucalyptus" scent that is good for concentration and stress relief, creating a fresher atmosphere in the company. Lemon eucalyptus is a scent that provides positive energy and has been loved since ancient Egypt. Herb Mate has been steering so that members of Hyundai Group can always experience the comfortable scent of lemon eucalyptus. 

Top Middle Bottom Orange, lemon, apple Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom, Ginger Flower. Oak Moss and White Sandal. LemonEucalytus
Fragrance analysis

Lemon Eucalyptus

HYUNDAI Scent-Creation

Hyundai Group affiliates that chose Herb Mate's lemon eucalyptus scent. 

The scent of "Lemon Eucalyptus" by Herb Mate for a pleasant working environment for modern executives and employees such as lobby, lounge, office, conference room, VIP space, and toilet. The spontaneous diffuser has no restrictions on location when installed and plays a role in making the space look good. Herb Mate produced a wooden pedestal suitable for the wood stick along with the diffuser to create an "interior diffuser" that is fragrant and good to see.

Customized & Package design 
Natural scent automatic sprayer customized installation
& package design

Herb Mate designs and installs dedicated packages that utilize corporate identity. The automatic injection system device allows you to maintain a constant scent 24 hours a day. With a compact design, you can install it in niche spaces such as toilets and walls.

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