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SK EnCar

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AUGUST. 2017

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We proposed the naturalistic scent of the "Grass Green Type" to "Enka," a leading used car market in Korea, so that customers can experience honesty and trust. The Grass Green type exhibits a fresh and deep scent and clean and fresh image from nature. It is a scent type based on fresh citrus bergamot and fresh floral notes, giving consumers a positive experience and stability.

Brand Field Test

Dispensers that periodically spray low-noise scents are installed so that customers who use the store can focus on the subtle scent. It blends naturally with the surrounding interior with a small device and simple installation.

Grass Green Type

Brand Scent Process
Bergamot, Green Note, Lemon,Fresh Herb, Tomato Leaf Top Notes Cyclamen, Lily,Geranium, Orchid Middle Notes Express a fresh and deep clean image with a naturalisticscent where you can experience honesty and trust. Musk, Iris,Vetiver, Morse. Last Notes 35% 35% 20% Grass Green Type
Customized & Package design
Development of exclusive dispensers and packages.

We developed a dispenser design that can better represent the brand's identity using Encar's B.I.

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