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APRIL . 2008

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The key color of Sejeong Group's modern fashion brand Olivia Lauren is Violet. Based on Olivia Lauren's fashion philosophy of pursuing abundance, life, peace and stability, we proposed three types of customized fragrances to express the image of a vibrant and attractive women's clothing brand.

Brand Field Test

We held a demonstration for agency owners who visited the Olivia Lauren F/W collection held at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

By testing and voting for three customized scents, we selected the fragrance that best expresses Olivia Lauren's brand image.

Sweet Musky Type

Brand Scent Process

1. 101 people prefer Sweet Musky Type (58%)

2. The floral bouquet type is preferred for 59 people (34%)

3. Prefers 14 Amber Oriental Type (8%) 

Decided by type A (Sweet Musky Type) scent, Olivia Lauren is a brand that proposes a "reasonable and rich free lifestyle," and we have developed a customized scent that matches Olivia Lauren's image as a water-type natural scent so that you can experience the brand's scent at stores across the country.

It has a soft and subtle scent, elegant and deep,which gives stability to the mind and makes femininityand beauty stand outstanding beauty. Sweet Musky With a fresh and pure scent, it expresses the cute and lovelyappearance of silver bell flowers and the pure and clean image,and at the same time gives excitement to the heartwith the fresh feeling of flowers. Floral Bouquet It is consistent with the brand imagethat suggests a rational and rich freelifestyle, and develops a customizedscent into a water-basednatural scent. This scent, which has the mystery of the Orient,is a profound and fascinating scent that gives an elegantand noble feeling and adds romance. Ambery Oriental Olivia LaurenBrand Scent
Customized & Package design
Development of exclusive dispensers and packages.

It is a customized design that combines Olivia Lauren's B.I and brand image, and we proposed a dispenser window design that can be used for various purposes. The brand identity was established by inserting Olivia Lauren's brand image into the refill container installed inside the injector.

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