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OCT. 2012

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Brand keywords



Kolon Sports, an authentic outdoor sport that satisfies curiosity and adventure by bringing nature and humans together, is the pioneer of outdoor life that has spread and revitalized leisure culture by launching hiking products for the first time in Korea. Key Color is an active "green," and Herbmate attempted to steer based on adventure spirit and creativity to develop a scent that can represent Kolon Sports' image well.

Brand Field Test

Herb Mate developed two types of brand-tailored fragrances that best express Kolon Sports and held a trial for Kolon Sports' agency owners.

Phytoncide Floral
Woody Type 

Brand Scent Process

Choose the brand scent based on the perspective of consumers and store owners.

In addition to the survey on the preference for scents, Type A-Phytoncide Floral Woody type scents were finally selected through voting by store owners who participated in the demonstration.

Type A-Review.

  • It's cool and refreshing, so it feels like I'm in the forest.
  • The scent of pine trees hovering at the tip of the nose blends with nature.

Major Store Pilot Test (Type A + B)

In addition to holding a trial, Herb Mate installed phytoncide A and B types at five major stores

nationwide and conducted pilot tests through cooperation with Kolon Sports' marketing team.

Lotte Myeongdong branch.
Sadang, Korea
Myeongil, Korea
Cheongju Korea 
Chuncheon Korea 
It has a strong scent.
cool and moderate
It feels like the scent has subsided, so it's heavy.
Nice and cool scent.

Heavy scent.
A scent that you can feel in nature.
The best response.
need a cooler scent.
Both the staff and the customer were satisfied.
Nothing special.
don't know.
Prefer type-A
don't know.
Prefer type-A
only tried one type.
want a softer scent.
The dizziness and headache that I felt in the new building disappeared.
Suitable for scent and space.
The scent feels soft.
Due to the geographical nature of the store, it's inconvenient because of the smell of the sewer

Customized & Package design 
Development of package exclusively for brand image through cooperation.

In cooperation with Kolon Sports' marketing team, we developed and proposed a dedicated dispenser

and package that can show the brand image well.

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